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(Retired)Lakota Dark Cloud  Born 7/31/2009

  Lakota is the reason that we have decided to start our breeding program.  The first day we had her we knew we wanted more and were instantly addicted to this breed.  She is the most loving, affectionate, spoiled girl ever!  We want to keep her lines going so that more generations can enjoy her wonderful personality.
    Lakota is a standard coat, seal color with a full mask with a bar and goggles.  She is 5 years old and weighs over 120lbs.  Her lines include  Wakon,Towbar and Moonridge are a few of the amazing bloodlines that are in Lakota's pedigree.  

     She is very smart and she is our lead sled dog on our team of giant alaskan malamutes. 

Check our puppy page for information on how to reserve your new addition to your family!!

 Lakota is 2 months old in the picture below

Lakota is 3 months old below

4 months old below

Lakota is 6.5 months old on her first ice fishing trip below

8 months old below muddy at the cabin

Lakota waiting patiently to go on a walk after a rain storm...she really wishes it was snow!!

Dec 2010

March 2013

Being silly! June 2013

Lakota is our fastest alaskan malamute.  She can out run all of the other dogs and she is very agile.  She loves to play fetch and catch and she is a good teacher to the other dogs.  She is definitely the mother of the group, always cleaning ears or feet for the others.    

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