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Muskoka's Ghost

    This is Muskoka's Gray Ghost. She is now 2 years old, and is the sweetest pup we have ever had.  she is already well over 140lbs. She is extremely tall and just beautiful. We expect her to be well over 150lbs and add a lot of height to our breeding program. Keep checking our page while this sweet pup grows. She is taller then most Male Mals that others have. Muskoka is already 32 inches at her shoulders. We will post more pictures soon. She has had a litter of pups that just surpassed our standards. Look for her pups pictures below.
Muskoka 140lbs of sweetness

Trapper and Muskoka pup 7 weeks old. beautiful big wooly boy.

Muskoka at 6 weeks old

Trapper and Muskoka pup at 4 1/2 Months old and 92lbs. Thats as big as they can get. So proud of our litters at Harvest Moon.

Trapper and Muskoka pups at 7 weeks old

Muskoka and Trapper, both are still pups.

Muskoka's Mother

Muskoka's Father

Muskoka and her best friend, our baby Frankie Rose.

4 Month old Trapper Muskoka pup next to a full grown Malamute

Trapper and Muskoka Pup 7 weeks old

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