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Past puppies

above is a picture of Red Maple and Trapper pups at 6 weeks old. Quite the variety in this litter.

Cider/Yukon girl

Trapper and Eclipse pups at 8 weeks old and 30lbs. absolutely HUGE

Muskoka and Trapper pup at 7 weeks old.Beautiful big Wooly boy.

Timber at 3 years old, 167lbs Big and Beautiful

Cider/Yukon Pups 6 weeks old

4 Months old from Trapper and Maple. They do not get darker red than this.

Yukon/Creek 4 months old

Trapper and Eclipse pups at 4 weeks old.

Raven on the left at 10 months old next to a 5 year old male standard malamute the family already owned

Trapper and Muskoka pups 7 weeks old

,Moose now Boomer, at 1 year old

Yukon/Creek girl only 10 months old


Bear, now Koda, at 1 year old loves his pet horse lol

Nikita from Yukon and Cider at 1 year old, she is now over 130lbs.

Garnet from Yukon/Cider she is over 140lbs. She is 1 year old here

Big Red at 1 year old.

River at 6 months old from Creek/Yukon

Creek Pup

Creek pup

Cider Pup
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